Tips Casa Meca

Welcome to Casa Meca

Casa Meca” was built in 1999, it took 2 years to build and we built it ourselves. We went to great lengths to create a guest-friendly atmosphere, and we planted a garden to include climate-adjusted flora.

Thanks to the cleaning team “Puri & Co” and Antonio the housekeeper, you can be sure you will have a clean apartment to start your holiday. We are also very grateful that we had some hard-working volunteers, which come to us sometimes to help with creative ideas and share their valuable technical skills. For example, the second bedroom in “Breña” apartment was turned into a real dreamland with the help of two very talented Spanish helpers who painted the murals on the walls.

Nevertheless we appreciate feedback from all our visitors so you will find a guest book in every apartment so please feel free to add to it at the end of your stay.  Your comments are valuable to us and it also helps future visitors.  Feel free to add any additional tips and/or ideas you might like to share.

To help you settle into the apartment and become familiar with the surrounding area we have written a short guide. If you have any questions please don’t hesitate to find me and ask.


Usually Spanish opening hours are from 9 am to 2 pm they then open again after the traditional “Siesta” – from 5 pm to 9 pm (in summer they are usually open until 10 pm).

Caños de Meca und Zahora

Just a five-minute walk away from the apartment there is a small shop called “La Porrita”,                     where you can buy fresh bread (open from 9 am). They also sell homegrown vegetables and a range of other useful items. The products are slightly more expensive than in the bigger supermarkets but it is convenient. Turn right out of the gate. Take the next turning on the left into the road that leads to the lighthouse. It is about 50m on the right.

There is another little shop selling basic items about 500m away. Turn left out of the gate and it is on the left.

There is also a small supermarket 3km down the road at the “Pinar Sankt Jose” campsite.  Turn right out of the gate and it is approx 3km away on the right – it is called “Coviran”.  It is open on Sundays until 2 pm.


Barbate is a small coastal town about 10kms away. Turn left out of the gate and when you come          to the T-junction follow the signs to the left.  There is a big supermarket called “Supersol”, just as you enter the town on the left side. If you go towards the centre you will   find the road   divides into two lanes. Take the left hand lane to the market where you can buy fresh fish and vegetables.  It is open daily from 10 am to 2 pm.

There is also a textile market every Thursday just beyond after the first roundabout on the right         hand side.

For basic groceries there is also a “Lidl” supermarket.  You can find this by driving to the   second roundabout and then turn right after the petrol station.

Tip: Just before “Supersol”, on the left, you can to buy delicious smoked tuna fish specialties.

Vejer de la Frontera

If you want to avoid the stress of Barbate market, then go to Vejer de la Frontera. It is about 10 kms away and 200m above sea level and is a labyrinth of white washed houses & winding cobbled streets.  It is worth the visit anyway!

Turn right out of the gate and follow the signs. It is easy to find!

Once you have driven up the steep hill to the city, take the first turning on the right (another steep road). When you get to the top, you will see the health centre “Centro de Salud”. A few meters further on there is a fish shop. There is also a “Supersol” supermarket at the end this road.

Conil de la Frontera

 About 10 kms away is Conil de la Frontera.  There you can find the best and cheapest   supermarket in Spain! “Mercadona” sells high quality and cheap food with a great variety to boot!

Turn right out of the gate and follow the signs to Conil.  When you get to Conil turn right at the      first roundabout and left at the second one.  Go straight on over the next few roundabouts and you will see it on your right.

On the way to “Mercadona” there is also a “Supersol” on the left side.

Tip: Visit the market in Conil. Every Friday there is a big market on the way to Mercadona on the left hand side.  It sells everything you would expect including clothes, jewelry, shoes etc.There is also another market selling fresh fruit, fish and meat (Monday to Saturday). Go as far as “Supersol” and at that roundabout take the third exit. At the next roundabout, turn right into “Calle Rose de los Vientos” – you will see the big white market building on the left side.

Near the market there is also a small health food store called “Herbolario” – there you can buy everything from tofu to coconut milk.


The Spanish eat lunch at around 2 pm, and in the evening restaurants don’t usually start serving until 8:30 pm.  If however you are hungry don’t forget there are always tasty “tapas” available at any time of day!

Caños de Meca und Zahora

Since the owners of many of the local restaurants often change during the summer months I   cannot really make any guaranteed recommendations. At the beginning of September there are   only a few restaurants still open but of these we would recommend the following:

Sajorami” often opens just at the weekend during the winter. Wonderful restaurant by the sea with lovely views – go and watch the sun go down here – a truly wonderful experience!

Turn right out of the gate and drive until you get to “Caños de Meca campsite. Take the small road to the left and then take the first turning on the right and follow the signs to “Playa”.

You can also walk along the beach to the restaurant – just go past the lighthouse until you come to the straw-covered building – it takes about half an hour.

Try “Alhambra” for typical Spanish food. Well worth it!

Turn right out of the gate and drive until you come to the statute of the horse – the trademark of “Alhambra”.

Another Spanish restaurant worth trying is “El Ratito”. They offer delicious meals, for good prices.

Turn right out of the gate and then turn the next road left after “Alhambra”.

Another good restaurant on the beach is “El Pirata” go there to have tapas whilst watching the sun go down.

Turn left out of the gate, the restaurant is about 1 km down the road on the right hand side, you can also walk

Tip: “Venta Curro” in Zahora is, in our opinion, the best fish restaurant in the area and it is open most of the year (closed November and December). It’s not as cheap as it used to be but it is still reasonable. It is worth visiting and comes highly recommended by previous guests!

Turn right out of the gate and drive to Caños de Meca” campsite. Take the small road on the left and then take the first right, it is on the right hand side about 100m down the road..

Vejer de la Frontera

On the “Plaza España” there is the hotel called “El jardin de Califa”, it is a beautiful old building, which was restored in 2002. If you walk through the vault you will discover a delightful Moroccan restaurant. It offers a delicious array of traditional Moroccan dishes including; Couscous, Tagine and Falafels. It comes highly recommended!
Telephone: 956 447730.

Pizzeria “El Forno”, is run by Italians, serving pizza cooked in the traditional pizza oven, they serve fresh salad using home grown vegetables, homemade pasta, tiramisu and a lots more! Very affordable.

Drive to the roundabout at the bottom of Vejer, take the second exit and then follow the signs for “La Muela”. Is about four kms up this road on the right.

Going out for a drink and nightlife

As the Spanish eat dinner quite late, nightlife begins much later. Bars start to get crowded at around midnight or even later!

Caños de Meca

As an old hippie stronghold there are plenty of nice bars that are open predominantly in the summer months during the high season between July and September.  During the winter months it is a lot quieter.  Below is a list of bars we recommend:

The “Pequeña Lulu” is a lovely seaside bar with good music. Unfortunately, it often closes during the winter months.

Turn left out of the gate keep going straight along the road until you reach a dead end. You can see the bar up at the top on the left side.

A really great bar, where the locals spend their winter nights is called “Ketama”. But it’s best not to get there before 1am!
Turn left out of the gate; the bar is about 2kms away on the left.

“Las Dunas” is one of the oldest bars in Los Caños. Both the clay roof and the open chimney create an extraordinarily comfortable atmosphere. Here you can play billiards and sometimes enjoy free flamenco concerts. It seems to be open all year round and it is a 5 minutes walk from Casa Meca

Turn right out of the gate and then first left down the road that leads to the lighthouse. It’s about 150m on the right.

There are lots of bars and live music at the weekends in Conil de la Frontera. Just park your car down by the sea and walk up to the police station. Then turn left and next right.  There are lots to choose from!

Spanish “fiestas”

Around Caños de Meca, throughout the year you will find plenty of opportunity to experience typical “fiestas”. Many of them have traditional or religious routes.

Apart from the flamenco concerts, which you can watch more or less everywhere, there is the famous Carnival in Cádiz (often held in February or March), the Eastern processions in the “Semana Santa”, the “Fiesta del Vino Fino” (known as the Sherry festival in El Puerto de Santa Maria, often held in April), the religious parade for “Virgen del Carmen”, the Saint of the fishermen (on July 16th, also in Barbate) and the village fest in honor of their Saint “Virgen de la Oliva”.

Excursions around “Casa Meca”

Behind “Casa Meca” there is a nature reserve, a pine tree grove. It’s worth the walk up to the peak – especially to enjoy the sunset from the very top! Turn left out of the gate and take the next left and at the end of the tarmac turn left down a sandy track (there is a small sign) – you can walk up through the forest or along the road.

A night walk to the lighthouse can be very attractive and romantic.

At low tide you can walk to “Las Cortinas”, a natural waterfall. Turn left out of the gate and follow the road until you reach a dead end. Go down to the beach and head towards Barbate. It takes about half an hour to get there but make sure you do go at low tide as you can get caught if the tide does come in. It is also a good idea to wear sensible footwear, as it is rocky.

On the road to Barbate there are parking places on the right hand side, you can also walk down to the sea from there. Along the steep face you can enjoy wonderful views of Barbate, Zahora de los Atunes and even Morocco. But please don’t leave any valuables in your car.

In Vejer de la Frontera there is a flea market on the first Sunday of every month. It starts at 10 am and finishes around 2pm. If you are interested in antiques it is well worth a visit. You can park just as you enter Barbate on the left on the left and walk up the steps and/or the little path, which leads up to the bank then turn right.


Horse riding

In Zahora there is a German man who is doing horse trails, his name is Jo (0034 676 689 870) He is a very nice “Cowboy” and knows also where you can get clases if you like.

There is another German riding stable in Vejer de la Frontera called “Finca la Maya”. They also offer pony rides for children. For more information telephone: (00 34) 956 442 550).

 “Fuente de Gallo” riding school in Conil de la Frontera provides a multilingual service.  For more information telephone: (00 34) 956 442 550).


The best golf course in the area is called “Montenmedio” near Vejer de la Frontera (telephone: (00 34) 956 232 441). There are 2 other golf courses in Chiclana de la Frontera and Benalup. On you can order “green fee” golf passes in advance.

There is also a mini golf course in Caños just next door to Casa Meca. Turn right out of the gate and it is about 100m down the road on the right.

Whale watching

You can go on a boat trip from Tarifa to see whales and dolphins.. The trips lasts 2.5 hours and cost around 30 Euros per person – it is well worth doing! For more information telephone  (00 34) 956 054 626 or (00 34) 609 594 020, for smaller boats and telephone: (00 34) 956 680 741 or (00 34) 448 349 for the bigger boats.


In El Palmar there are numerous surf schools and plenty of places to rent a board and wetsuit. Some sell second hand boards.

Wind and kite surfing

In Caños there is a surf school based in Madreselva Hotel (telephone: (00 34) 956 437 255, but   there are several other options in the area, in Conil de la Frontera or Tarifa.


In Barbarte you can hire canoes to use on the river in Barbate from  “Club Recreo”. They also have a sauna!


You can rent out sailing boats from the Barbate Sailing club (“Barbate Marina”).  Or you can o       visit Cádiz’ “Royal Yacht Club” where they have boat rental, a sailing and diving school and a    swimming pool.

Language schooling

If you want to learn, refresh or improve your Spanish, you can join a course at “La Janda” language school in Vejer de la Frontera (Calle Sagasta 7; telephone: (00 34) 956 447 060 and “Academia Andaluza” in Conil de la Frontera (Calle Confederación s/n; telephone:  (00 34) 956 440 552.

Information about the house

Arrival and departure

The usual arrival time is 4 pm and we ask that you vacate the apartment by 11 am – both these       are negotiable just speak to Simone.

Bed linen and towels

Each apartment provides fresh bed linen and towels and the beds will be made up.  If you need     clean towels and/or bed linen (if you are staying longer than a week) please don’t hesitate to ask. We do ask that don’t take these towels to the beach.

Energy supply

The power supply for “Casa Meca” is provided by solar panels and windmile. You can use most appliances without worrying except for “energy eating” devices like toasters, irons, electrical heating e.t.c.   which harm the system. Unfortunately, when this happens the batteries get damaged.  During the winter months, we also use a petrol generator when there is too little electricity. If you have any questions about this and what you can and cannot use please do not hesitate to ask. You can write me an Email:


In “Casa Meca” we have a central gas station, for the boiler, the heating and the cookers/ovens.


Our tap water comes from a 4m well just behind the gashouse. There is a problem in Andalucía with water and the pump is powered with solar energy, so we ask you to be considerate with your usage.

We recommend you do not drink the tap water – it is ok for coffee, tea and cooking but suggest you buy 5litre bottles of water for drinking.


Please put only toilet paper in the toilet as it can cause big problems if not respected.

Additional information

Please open the windows in the apartment every day at some point. We ask you to do this to help prevent mold and mildew buildup especially in the winter.

If it starts raining, please can you bring the outdoor chair cushions indoors.  Also if there is a strong        wind blowing or a storm please can you ensure you shut all the windows as they have a habit of blowing and banging.  Thank you!

Rubbish disposal

There are several spots along the roads in Caños de Meca, where you can find green containers for general rubbish and recycling containers for paper, glass and plastic. There is one by the Pinar Sankt Jose” campsite” by the small supermarket.  You can also find glass recycling bins at the surfer place, turn left out of the gate and it is about 100m down the road left.  There are also blue paper recycling points in Barbarte and Vejer de la Frontera.

We apologize for the ongoing problem of rubbish collection in Caños des Meca and hope there will be solution soon.


As in all southern European countries we have a problem with mosquitos. In every supermarket you can buy plug in mosquito repellents, which seem to do a good job! Some of them work with tablets, some with a fluid, the best one’s seem to be the fluid “Raid”. You can buy refills at the supermarkets and pharmacies.

Bank and Post

There is a cash machine at the “Camp ground Caños de Meca” (turn right out of the gate and follow the main road for about 3 kms it is opposite Pinar Sanct Jose” campsite on the left.

You will find other banks in Barbate, Vejer de la Frontera and Conil de la Frontera. Please note they are only open from 8.30 am until 2 pm. The same opening times apply for the post office, but envelopes and stamps can also be bought at tobacco shops (“estanco”).

In Caños de Meca there are three post boxes – one at the “Caños de Meca” campsite, another at “Apartamentos Playa del Estrecho”.  Turn left out of the gate, it’s about 500 meters away on the right near the entrance of the post office.  There is also one at the small supermarket in Caños de Meca.  Turn left out of the gate, keep going straight past the road for Barbate it’s 100m down that road on the left – however we are not sure how often this one is emptied so better to use one of the other two mentioned above to be on the safe side!

Tourist information

Cadiz; Avenida Ramón de Carranza s/n                                          Telephone: (00 34) 956 258 646

Conil de la Frontera; Calle Carretera 1                                           Telephone: (00 34) 956 440 501

Vejer de la Frontera; Calle Marques de Tamarón 10)                   Telephone: (00 34) 956 451 736

Barbarte; Avenida Josè Antonio 23                                                 Telephone: (00 34) 956 433 962



“Transportes Generlases Comes”                 Telephone: (00 34) 956 653 456

Barbarte (“Comes”)                                      Telephone: (00 34) 956 430 594

Cadiz (“Comes”)                                           Telephone: (00 34) 956 211 763

Jerez de la Frontera (“Comes”)                    Telephone: (00 34) 956 342 174

Malaga bus station                                        Telephone: (00 34) 952 350 061

Sevilla (“Comes”)                                         Telephone: (00 34) 954 416 858

Train stations:

Train infomation “Renfe Info”                     Telephone: (00 34) 902 240 202

San Fernando                                                 Telephone: (00 34) 956 883 625

Algeciras                                                       Telephone: (00 34) 956 630 202

Cadiz                                                             Telephone: (00 34) 956 254 301

Jerez de la Frontera                                       Telephone: (00 34) 956 337 975

Granada                                                         Telephone: (00 34) 956 271 272


Vejer de la Frontera                                       Telephone: (00 34) 956 450 185

Conil de la Frontera (“Taxi Cantillo”)         Telephone: (00 34) 956 440 946

Barbarte                                                         Telephone: (00 34) 956 431 084



Jerez de la Frontera                                       Telephone: (00 34) 956 150 000

Sevilla                                                           Telephone: (00 34) 956 449 000

Malaga                                                                      Telephone: (00 34) 952 048 484


In a serious case of emergency, please contact the hospital in El Puerto de Santa Maria (telephone number: 956 47 01 00). Just before you get to Cádiz turn right towards Sevilla, after a few kilometers turn right again and follow the signs. The journey takes about 45 minutes. Telephone: (00 34) 956 470 100.

There are medical supply centers in Barbate (as you enter Barbarte, on the left hand side after the roundabout, Casa de Salud; telephone: (00 34) 956 430 425); Vejer de la Frontera, after the first roundabout take the steep road up to the “Centro de Salud”; telephone: (00 34) 956 447 505) There is also a medical centre in Conil for the treatment of non urgent cases.

Private treatment is available at the “Centre de Medico” in Barbate (At the end of Barbate’s main street, at the second roundabout on the right side; telephone: (00 34) 956 431 316).

There is a pharmacy in Caños de Meca (turn left out of the gate and you will see the pharmacy on the left; telephone: (00 34) 956 437 060).

If you need a good, experienced homeopath and chiropractor, I suggest you to call Barbara Holley in La Muela (Telephone: (00 34) 956 44 85 59).

The Health Centre “Fuenteamarga” in Chiclana offers sulfite baths and massage (telephone: 800 34) 956 400 520).

Police and fire department

Guarda Civil Barbarte                                   Telephone: (00 34) 956 433 691

Police Barbarte                                              Telephone: (00 34) 956 431 009

Guarda Civil Vejer                                        Telephone: (00 34) 956 450 079

Police Vejer                                                   Telephone: (00 34) 956 430 400

Fire department                                             Telephone: 085

I hope we have provided you with enough information to get started. We are grateful for any feedback and any extra tips! Feel free to add anything to this “Welcome pack” and I will make sure it is updated!

Have a pleasant stay!


Telephone: (00 34) 639 613 402